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Don Strutt

Director at Large

After retiring from business, I found myself looking for new challenges and a way to give back. When I came upon BASES, I knew I’d found a tremendous opportunity to help make a difference in the community. The BASES business model resonated with so many things that are important to me. Creating space for the community to recycle good used clothing and household items by donating them to the store, reduces waste. Selling items at low prices creates affordability for low-income households. The store, run by a small core of paid staff and many dedicated volunteers, creates unique opportunities. For many of our student volunteers and those new to Canada it’s an opportunity to gain experience and develop new marketable skills. For our more experienced volunteers it’s an outlet to build new and lasting friendships, Lastly, the giving. All proceeds are given to support after school and out of school student programs in a number of local public schools. BASES, its volunteers and such terrific results truly inspire me. I feel I’m most fortunate to be a part of this local success story.


Don Strutt

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