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About Us

BASES Family Thrift Store, located in Burnaby, is on Coast Salish territory in the traditional and ancestral lands of the hn̓q̓əmin̓əm̓ and skwx̱wú7 mesh speaking people. Our neighboring community of New Westminster is also in Coast Salish territory on the traditional and unceded lands of the qiqeyt people. Both cities are home to Indigenous people from all over our country. With 50% of Burnaby’s population born outside of Canada and more than 100 languages spoken by its residents, it is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Canada as is New West similarly diverse with 35% of its population born outside of Canada.

We will provide opportunities for children, youth, families and our community that lead toward success and independence.

Our Mission

In 2011, two Burnaby Community School Coordinators saw a need to support vulnerable children and families South East Burnaby. The idea was to create a way so that all funds raised would go back to the community providing sustainable funding in the neediest Burnaby schools. Accessing grants proved difficult and unreliable. Inspired by the work of the Royal Columbian Thrift Store, the idea of starting the BASES Family Thrift Store was born. The grand opening happened in October 2013.

In 2014, BASES raised a few thousand dollars and was thrilled to supported 4 Burnaby. By 2018 BASES had expanded its support to 12 schools from both the Burnaby and New Westminster School District. Our partner schools in Burnaby and New Westminster now include:

Armstrong, Byrne Creek, Cariboo Hill, Edmonds, Maywood, Morley, Second Street, Stride, Twelfth Avenue, Windsor, Fraser River Middle, Qayqayt and Lord Kelvin.

Thank you BASES

Since 2012, BASES has donated over $550,000 to programming for children and youth in our community.

BASES continues to focus on our goal of helping marginalized students have opportunities that align with other students and that they enjoy the possibility of doors opening throughout their entire school experience. Canada will be a better place when those who are underserved receive opportunities that are assumed by most Canadians.

We Need Your Support Today!

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